The How, What, and Why’s of Steel Designs.

It was in one of the quiet moments in between feeding my 5 month old son Connor, and comforting him in midst of a crying fit that the idea came to me. I had only briefly dabbled in jewelry making, and it started with me sitting in an metal smithing class taught by a friend of mine at New Mexico Tech. He was actually substituting, and having quite the time trying to get the students on task and motivated. I came in to keep him company. While he was assisting a student, I grabbed some random copper, and Nickel scraps laid out on the table.

I have always gravitated towards unique and artsy earrings, and they are the only piece of jewelry I consistently wear. So I took a small hammer and started tapping into the copper sheet. Loving the shiny dimples I was creating, I thought of a design, a Copper square, hammered texture, with long thin Nickel dangles hanging from it. My friend then assisted me in demonstrating how to grind edges smooth, drill holes, and polish my earrings. I thought they were great for just throwing myself at it. I proudly wore them and received compliments from strangers, to where I replied, “Thanks! I made them!”

I wanted to pursue this newly found passion, but the other passions of mine got in the way. I was currently attending Santa Fe Community College working towards a certificate in American Sign Language Interpretation. I also was working as a horse groom at a local stable, and a job at Sam’s Club. So the jewelry making got put in the “someday” pile. Then I had my son in August of 2013, and I stayed at home caring for him.

Now I had time to think about my “someday” goals. I am no longer in school, but want to finish my certificate as soon as I am able, and the job market isn’t lush with hiring, so I am getting frustrated not being able to bring in an income to assist my partner who pays all the bills. I own a horse who costs about $100/month to keep, and I am unable to pay for any of it. So in this particular quiet moment of thinking how to make a small income, the jewelry idea came back to me.

I am in my late 20’s so I am semi hip to all the big trends on the consumer cyber world, and was well aware of Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon. I hate working with Ebay, dont like the format, and just dont think it is a good platform for selling handmade jewelry. Amazon is good, I have sold books on there, but again, not great for handmade earrings. Etsy it is!

So there you have it, mostly. The how, what and why. How did I come up with the name of this endevour? My last name is Steel, of course. 😉


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